The Situation
The ambitions and dreams of the young women (ages 12-16) were not consistent with the realities of the community. They desired professional educations and jobs, stable families, and the ability to provide opportunities for their own children one day. Unfortunately, most women are not afforded such opportunities. At age 18 many Dominican women will have already had their first child and foregone further education

Our Solution
Inspired and determined to make a difference, volunteers Marissa Bucci, Colin Fernie, and Katie Noble started scholarship programs. These programs allow motivated and hard-working members of the community (selected through an application process) to study at a university in Santiago, receiving an education and the opportunity to be independent.

The Cost/Benefit
A student can earn a degree at a university in Santiago for about $2,000 per year (tuition, books, transportation and other student expenses). This will not only be an investment in the life of a young adult, but in the community at large. An empowered, educated young person can be a positive role model for others in the community, and will bring hope to an area where many people feel the possibility of college is nothing more than a dream.