Volunteer Experience

Become a volunteer

We provide volunteers with a cultural experience and opportunities to:

  • Teach kindergarten students (Spanish is required)
  • Support youth programs (sex education, academics, etc.)
  • Teach english (elementary school through adults)
  • Complete community development projects (build community gardens, improve infrastructure, etc.)
  • Improve the health of our communities

Send your request to info@amotherwish.org and let’s get started!

General Information

A Mother’s Wish Foundation is working in the mountains of the Dominican Republic to raise a generation of healthy children. The medical portion of our mission has resulted in physically healthy students who are prepared to learn.

The education portion of our mission is focused on early education and supporting the success of our preschool graduates. In 2010, we opened the Academia Lynn Barta, where we operate a pre-school and a community center where we host youth programs for older children.

Accommodations and Meals

Volunteers are accommodated in the Residence facility that is a part of the Academy Lynn Barta preschool building. It offers a bedroom with bunk beds, a full bathroom, and a full kitchen.

The residence kitchen is also used for preparing the preschool student’s mid-morning snacks (but other than that it’s all yours). Breakfast materials will be available for you to prepare your morning meal. The main meal of the day will be served across the street from the residence and will include a wholesome local meal of rice, beans, local vegetables, and local fruit. You will be responsible to prepare your evening meal which is normally an light meal such as fruit/bread or PB&J. However, we need to stress the point that you should not expect to eat the cuisine you normally enjoy at home. We will do our best to see that you are well taken care of, but also as a volunteer, there is a need to be flexible.

Accommodations are limited to 2 volunteers at any point in time.

Costs and Donations

A Mother’s Wish Foundation will provide transportation to and from the Santiago airport, housing, breakfast, and lunch.

Your donation helps fund the Academia Lynn Barta and are tax deductible.  While we are very flexible, the board of directors recommends the following donation levels for  volunteers: $500 per person for up to 14 days. $1000 per person for 30-60 days.

Volunteers interested in community development may be asked to bring additional funding for the materials and costs associated with their projects.

Volunteer Week

7:00am: Breakfast
8:00am: Begin volunteer work
12:30pm: Lunch across the street with Rita & Diego

The afternoons are open to allow you to explore the communities, offer a reading hour in each of the communities, make friends, work on a personal project or a variety of other teaching programs based on your interest and expertise.

Weekends are free to relax, visit community friends or take a trip to the Capital or the beach. The costs associated with these excursions are your own.

Your Goals and Ours

If you are a person who can teach and you want to make the world a better place, then we can be a powerful team.

If you are a student majoring in education and you want to show future employers that you’ve got what it takes to teach in a bi-lingual environment and in a difficult setting, then we can be a powerful team.

If you are retired from teaching but haven’t completed all of the teaching that God has put inside you, then we can make a powerful team.

If you are a medical professional interested in helping young mothers and their babies, then we can be a powerful team.

If you would like to teach english in a rural paradise, then we can be a powerful team.

Come join us. Send your request to info@amotherwish.org and let’s get started!